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Episode 037 - Heavy Metal Horror Movies

October 8, 2018

Most fans of heavy metal also love horror movies. Sometimes metal and horror movies crossover.  

Our picks of the week: J - Human Decay - Mefitico; Chris - High on Fire - Electic Messiah

Some of our favorite metal songs about horror movies: Alice Cooper - He's Back (The man behind the mask); Dokken - Dream Warriors; Iced Earth - Wolf, Phantom Opera Ghost, Damien; Iron Maiden - Phantom of the Opera, Wicker Man; Anthrax - Among the Living; Deicide - Dead by Dawn; Death - Evil Dead; Evildead - FCI/The Awakening; Lizzy Borden - Redrum; S.O.D. - Freddy Kreuger, Chimaira - The Pictures in the Gold Room; Create a Kill - The Sow is Mine; Possessed - the Exorcist

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