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Episode 014 - Essential Albums: Modern Thrash

April 30, 2018

This episode continues our series of essential albums focusing on modern thrash albums. This week highlights the newer bands that have brought thrash back to the forefront of metal. 

Our picks of the week: J - Jungle Rot - What Horrors AwaitChris - Cinderella - Long, Cold Winter

Our essential modern thrash albums include: Carnal Forge - The More You SufferDr. Living Dead! - Dr. Living Dead!Eruption - Cloaks of Obivion; Evile - Enter the Grave & Infected Nation; Game Over - Burst Into the QuietHarlott - ExtinctionThe Haunted - Made Me Do ItHavok - Time Is Up & Conformicide; Municipal Waste - The Art of Partying; Nervosa - Agony; Powertrip - Nightmare LogicTerrifier - Weapons of Thrash DistructionWarbringer - Woe to the VanquishedWitchery - Restless and Dead

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